• Realtime Chat
  • High Speed Delivery
  • New Messages Push Notifications
  • Missed Calls Push Notifications
  • Messages Status in Realtime: SentDeliveredSeen
  • User Status: OnlineOfflineLast Seen
  • Status: CallingRingingConnectingConnectedBusyFailedCall Ended
  • Adopted to work in Any existing Android App
  • Ready to make and Receive Calls
  • Make and Receive Voice call
  • Make and Receive Video call
  • Receive Calls even your app in background
  • Hight Quality Calls up to 1080p
  • Auto-Scale video quality depending on Network Quality
  • Auto-hangUp call if no answer after 30 seconds
  • Auto-require permissions when needed
  • Get Call details after hangUp
  • Get Call status in Realtime
  • Latest WebRTC and Socket.IO technology, No call provider needed
  • No payment needed, your calls, your Realtime chat, your server
  • Automatically gets your app primary colours
  • Beautiful Calls design
  • Beautiful Chat design (in DEMO)
  • Just 3 lines of code.

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