Use this app code to build your own solid Dating App social Network

  • Parse Server. Deploy easily to Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS and Azure in one click
  • Own Parse Server (Possibility to have your own Hosted Parse Server. Ex: VPS Hosting on goDady, Bluehost, a2Hosting or another hosting provider service.
  • Push notifications using Parse Server Push adapter or you can use adapters like Pubsub, Airship, OneSignal or other
  • App to App and Dashboard to app Push notifications
  • Parse Dashboard
  • Sharing System built-in
  • Real-time messaging with (Parse Live query “Web socket”)
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support



– Package

  • Source code of app android
  • Documentation

– Requirements

– Great Features

  • Facebook Login
  • Phone Number login (Need to buy separated)
  • Push notification
  • Real-time Chat
  • Time Ago (Realtime)
  • Sign In/Sign Up by Email or Username
  • Recover lost password with email or username
  • Splash Screen
  • Ready for Android 7.0
  • Request permission in login screen (From android 6.0)
  • Location request from Network, GPS and Wifi
  • Show user fisical address before update his location
  • In-app purchase (Consumable subscriptions)
  • Credits System
  • Banner Ads ready with Google Admob
  • Intestinal Ads ready with Facebook Audience Network
  • Terms of use, Privacy, Press, support and About
  • Share system build in (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, And other apps installed that can share content )

Complete Login System

Make money with VIP, Credits and Ads

– Features


  • Users near by GPS, network location
  • See users info (Picture, Name, distance and age, Online status)
  • Banner Ads ready
  • Filter (Both, Male and Female)

Hot or Not

  • Hot or Not random users
  • See users info (Picture, Name, distance and age)
  • Automatically send push notification when you like

Messaging (REAL TIME)

  • Single chat, Private (Realtime)
  • Send Text
  • Send images
  • See last time user was online
  • Offer system to show Intestinal Ads

Visitors ( For VIP or Activate for 100 Credits)

  • See who visited your profile
  • See visitors info (Picture, Name, distance and age, Online status)

Passport (For VIP or Activate for 100 Credits)

  • Simulated the location to any city in the word
  • Automatically Users from that city will see you
  • Ex: You can chat with people in Paris, France but Your are in New York

Private Profile (For VIP or Activate for 100 Credits) NEW!!!

  • If you are kind of people who need privacy
  • You can use this feature to set your profile private or public at any time
  • When your are in private mode, No body will see you.


  • With photo,
  • Cover
  • Personal
  • Professional info
  • Change photo
  • Change cover
  • Edit user info


  • My Account (VIP, Buy Credits, Use Credits, Location, and others)
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy Policy
  • About App
  • Share and Invite System build-in

Download demo APK

Click in the image to see a video

Dedicated Support 24/7

by email see in documentation.



Ver 1.4 - 23/01/2017
- Fixed user to still online after logout
- Fixed Bug causing Repeat sending images, after first send
- Fixed crash when sending message in chat and the image isn’t uploaded completely!
- Fixed error causing messages disappear in chat
- Fixed 100 Credits buy button
- Fixed Logout color button in Alert View
- Added new method to clear user installation when logout.

Ver 1.3 - 22/01/2017
- Fixed user receiving pushes even when logout
- Added ability to convert all texts in lowercase in username (Signup and Login)
- Added Push notification support with (
- Fixed Photo upload crash on some devices
- Improved login and signup
- Usernames are now converted to lowercase automatically
- General improvements and more….

Ver 1.2 - 09/01/2017
- Fixed Facebook Login crash when return after fist login
- Fixed Facebook “Authenticating” in Login when canceled login or error
- Fixed Birthday crash on select 31st day
- Fixed calendar date (Min age 18 and max age 65)
- Fixed portrait state save on every layout
- Fixed Crash sometimes when you like users in Hot or Not
- Fixed minimum characters logic allowed in Signup 
- Fixed App exit when denied to open location settings
- Fixed Stuck with updating when Saving or Updating location
- Activated (Forgot Password link and Verification Email link.) 
- Added Hot and Not images to identify profiles you have liked on (Hot or Not)
- Added Separation of VIP and Normal features
- Added Private profile in menu
- Added Error message if some thing happens with Facebook login
- Added Menu images cache
- Added Logout when invalid session token or object can not be altered by current user
- Added Cancel Update progressDialog on press Back Button (Android Phone)

Ver 1.1 - 03/01/2017
  - Added Chat with message (Sending, Send)
  - Added Local data Store (Your messages and users will be available offline)
  - Added Messaging List Activity (Real time)
  - Fixed VIP Activation recharge
  - Fixed Images loading and Improvements
  - Added Upload photo on signup
  - Signup Design improvement
  - Visitors Layout design improvement
  - Change Profile and Cover photos from (Camera and Library)
  - Fixed VIP Store (Ansyn problem)
  - Fixed Permissions (Location, Camera, Storage)
  - Location update improvements
  - Added New Private profile (VIP and Credits)
  - Added Facebook Login
  - Added Phone number login (Only in demo, you have to purchase separated)
  - fixed MessageList bugs when empty
  - Added Camera  and Gallery in chat
  - And so much improvements and fixes  

ver 1.0 27/12/2016
   - First version