Parse Server Auth is used to login Parse Server users with phone number using AccountKit (FREE)

We only support by ticket, please submit your ticket for support

  • Parse Server support. Deploy to Self-hosted Parse Server, Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS and Azure in seconds!
  • Phone Number Login

– Features

  • Parse Server Backend
  • Facebook AccountKit

– Angopapo Dashboard powered by Parse Dashboard

  • Manage your apps with our secured Self-hosted Parse Server
  • Use Parse SDK
  • Use Parse API

– Requirements

  • Parse Server
  • Facebook AccountKit
  • Android Studio 2.2.2 or UP

– Package

  • Source code of app
  • Documentation

Download the demo APK here: to our dashboard to see your registered data for this demo parseserverauth password: parseserverauth


ver 1.2 25/02/2018
   - Updated Dependencies
   - Updated SDKs
   - Improved Login Logic
   - Updated Documentation

ver 1.1 24/01/2017
   - Fixed time error
   - Added support to all countries
   - Added new screen to login progress
   - Improved the login progress

ver 1.0 23/11/2016
   - First version